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Skills Hub brings together small businesses and training providers during the lockdown

The ESF funded project has been working with Staffordshire businesses throughout the lockdown by signposting to training providers that best meet their training needs

Julian Fisher from Townhouse Communications is one of the businesses benefiting from online training:

“I just wanted to say I have really enjoyed the podcast training the Skills Hub arranged with Carl Barton. We split the session into three segments because of my work and homeschooling commitments. Carl has been very flexible, is full of enthusiasm and very knowledgeable.

Carl Barton is one of the approved training providers working with the Skills Hub, with over 15 years’ experience working in universities and with previous experience as a radio and record producer.

As many providers are moving their training online, more businesses are encouraging their staff look at skills they can develop while working from home.

The Skills Hub was able to provide Julian Fisher with grant funding, helping minimise the cost of training for businesses while incentivising online training for local providers.