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Lawn Care Specialist Uses Grant To Grow Skills

One of the many businesses the Skills Hub has had the pleasure of working with is Kingsbury Lawn Care: an award-winning independent lawn treatment specialist, enhancing gardens through the responsible use of professional fertilisers; weed and moss control; scarification; aeration; and overseeding. Their four-person team has the experience, knowledge, product and machinery to recover and maintain lawns of all shapes and sizes within a 25-mile radius of their hometown, Tamworth.

The Kingsbury Lawn Care Team

As a micro-business, every member of the Kingsbury team works in sales, all within customer facing roles; however, none of them have either had any formal sales training, nor worked in a sales role previously. To resolve this, they applied for a Skills Hub Training Grant, which was then used to engage Julie Scott of Great Scott Sales for a day workshop.

 Jack Chapman, Founder and Director, first heard about the Skills Hub and grant funding via LinkedIn and made contact from there.

The team during their workshop

“As a bright team capable of learning quickly I felt that a workshop style training – tailored to our needs and current ability level – would make for the best use of our time and the grant funding”, he told us.

“I think the grant has given our team a collective confidence that our sales skills were in a good place, but the workshop did highlight a couple of flaws which are now corrected, and could help to multiply our business. We could get too ‘technical’ with customers so the understanding and appreciation that there are a number of different types of buyers was a strong reminder. Julie was able to go hard on us with our referral systems and how we can gain more help from our customers. I agree that this is a huge opportunity for us in our industry.

“I would recommend a Skills Hub Training Grant to others. The day spent away from the business was great for the team, as sales was an area that collectively we wanted to work on. It will pay dividends in the long run with just the example learnings, but a number of handy reminders also with how we can best serve our customers and continue the growth of the business.”

You can find out more about Kingsbury Lawn Care on their website: Kingsbury Lawn Care | Lawn Treatment Service | Lawn Experts