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Canine Hydrotherapists Use Training to Bring Themselves Closer to Paw-fection

Animal Matters Ltd is a Lichfield-based business with a team of five, who are all dedicated to providing the best advice they can give around all things dog!

As well as running a day care service – keeping dogs company and helping them stay stimulated while their owners are working – Animal Matters also has a shop selling all natural products, aiming to educate owners on the benefits of providing their dogs with a natural diet and start a more holistic method of pet care.

Animal Matters Ltd team member, Georgina, with a client

In addition, the business has a canine hydrotherapy centre where the dedicated staff treat injured dogs and get them back to full fitness, or even give them swimming lessons!

The Skills Hub has been a long-term supporter of Animal Matters Ltd, helping them to set up their hydrotherapy business several years ago; as such, the company has kept up with the latest available support from the Skills Hub and were aware of the Training Grants on offer.

Animal Matters’ grant was used to fund training which is still ongoing; it’s being used on a canine hydrotherapy course which will result in a qualification for Georgina, who joined the company five years ago after completing a work experience placement. Director Abbie Holmes explained the benefit of the course: “Georgina is a vital member of our team and once she is qualified we will be able to open the hydrotherapy centre on more days – which means helping more dogs!

I would highly recommend the Training Grant to any business looking to upskill their current work force; it has been surprisingly easy to benefit from the grant and we wouldn’t have been able to train Georgina without it!”