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Training Grants Help Drive Success For Small Business

Adrian Hide Consultancy – owned and managed by Adrian Hide – offers driver risk management services to businesses with staff who drive a car, van, or minibus as part of their work. Based in Cheadle, Staffordshire, but with a national reach, Adrian works with businesses to ensure they meet their duty of care obligations under health and safety law, as well as providing his own online-based driver training courses.

Adrian initially learned about the Skills Hub from the Staffordshire Chamber of Commerce; as a member of the Chamber, he was well informed about any opportunities to access funded training through the organisation.

Adrian Hide, founder and manager of Adrian Hide Consultancy.

Adrian Hide Consultancy has been awarded two grants: one was used for training with Eaglet Business Systems, to gain ISO9001 Quality standard; and the other paid for training with Ian Kelsall of insight6, to map and create a focused customer journey monitoring process/system.

When we asked Adrian to describe his experience with the Skills Hub Training Grants, he told us the following: “The grants have benefitted me in two ways, firstly enabling me to access training that I simply would not have the budget for; and secondly, accessing training that enables me to obtain an ISO qualification that you usually associate with larger organisations, and for the customer insight training through insight6, I’m able to map my customer experiences and deliver a service striving for continued improvement. I would definitely recommend businesses and individuals consider any opportunity to develop their skills through training providers in the Skills Hub.”

You can find out more about Adrian’s services on his website: www.adrianhideconsultancy.co.uk