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Award-Winning Training Provider Benefits From Training Grant

Lisa Maynard-Atem, Marketing & Inclusion Director at Acacia Training

Stoke-based independent training provider, Acacia Training, has been the recipient of multiple awards; thanks to the Skills Hub, they’re also the recipient of a Training Grant, which was used to fund a course for their team.

Acacia was first made aware of the Skills Hub and the services offered – including the Training Grants – through their interactions with Staffordshire Chambers of Commerce, the organisation where the Stoke and Staffordshire Skills Hub is currently based.

The grant that Acacia Training received has had a very positive impact on the business, enabling stakeholders across various levels of the organisation to undertake unconscious bias training. This training helps participants understand how their minds have learned to make snap judgements about those different from them, and how this can lead them to treat others unfairly. By undertaking the training, participants are made more conscious of how they treat those around them, and trust is increased in the workplace.

Lisa Maynard-Atem, the Marketing & Inclusion Director at Acacia Training, had this to say: ‘Here at Acacia, we pride ourselves on the fact that our values sit at the heart of everything that we do – two of those values being respecting each other and doing the right thing. Recognising that we all have a level of unconscious bias enables us to ensure that we are always behaving in a way that reinforces the inclusive culture within our organisation. We are much more than an award-winning training provider. We are a ‘people’ business and we pride ourselves on acting in a way that is fair and beneficial to all people.’

Thanks to the success of the unconscious bias training, Acacia have stated that they would definitely recommend a Skills Hub Training Grant to other businesses.

You can learn more about Acacia Training’s services on their website: Acacia Training