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Training Grant Makes Big Dif-fur-ence To Small Business

One of the many businesses to benefit from a Skills Hub Training Grant is Fleetful, the first company in the world to offer a fresh, cook at home vegan dog food kit. As well as selling vegan protein powders for customers to make their own healthy dog food and dog treats, Fleetful specialises in food which is suitable for dogs with allergies to animal proteins, sensitive digestion and skin conditions.

At the moment, this Stoke-on-Trent based business has one employee and receives additional support from a vegan vet nutritionist for the recipes, customer questions and promotion.

Photograph of Holly sitting cross-legged in a grassy area. She's holding a box of Fleetful pet food products. Sitting beside her is a black-and-white dog.
Holly Roberts, Founder of Fleetful

We spoke to Fleetful’s founder, Holly Roberts, about her experience with the Skills Hub: “I found out about the Skills Hub through my mentor who is employed through Staffordshire University’s BeInspired programme.

I used the Skills Hub Training Grant for e-commerce training. I have an e-commerce expert who trained me on something new at the start of each week, and then coached me through my tasks that week.

I would never have been able to have the e-commerce training without the Training Grant. The training has allowed me to become confident in how I run the e-commerce part to my business. This includes all parts of the marketing mix – how to use different software, how to effectively stand out from a crowded market online.

Covid changed the way that products are sold and having an expert teach me the most up-to-date techniques during this period has been incredibly valuable to me. I have also felt less lonely and more supported since having the training. I feel that if I have a question, it can be answered and I feel much more confident to move forward with my learned skills after the training.

I would urge any type of business to take advantage of Skills Hub Training Grant and focus on developing you and your team. Personal development is sometimes seen as not important when running a business, but in these changing times, it is absolutely crucial! If businesses and people do not pivot, they get left behind.”

You can learn more about Fleetful at:
Instagram and Facebook: @fleetfulbox
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCl0k3x940f19qxv0_N5FgQQ